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Unstable plaque can cause a fatal heart attack - do you know what it is?

Arterial plaque is derived from various substances that circulate in your bloodstream and accumulate on the artery walls. If too much is allowed to build up in your arteries, it can lead to major health complications and even death.

There are two types of plaque: stable and unstable. Neither are healthy. Stable plaque can lead to a narrowing of the opening of the arteries over time, so much so that they become obstructive, ie, they restrict blood flow. This obstructive stable plaque can be detected and treated.

On the other hand, unstable plaque breaks away with very little warning to form a blood clot. Blood clots can make their way to the coronary artery and cause a blockage to blood flow, resulting in a heart attack.

The best method of managing the risks inherent in unstable plaque is prevention. That’s where the Heart Research Institute can help. Our research teams are developing the world’s first early-warning system for unstable plaque, as well as medication to treat affected individuals. However, we need your help to deliver these outcomes as soon as possible!

Take our quiz to learn about unstable plaque, and to help raise awareness about this silent killer and for HRI’s groundbreaking research. Answer every question correctly to enter the running to win a $500 voucher.

Test your knowledge in our Lethal Plaque Quiz now!

Win a $500 Voucher!

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About the Heart Research Institute


The Heart Research Institute conducts vital research to prevent the death and suffering of loved ones. Research into arterial plaque has never been more important, and we are committed to conducting groundbreaking cardiovascular research, saving thousands, if not millions of lives.

HRI research groups are using innovative methods to detect and treat cardiovascular diseases like arterial plaque. With more than 445 scientific projects currently being undertaken, HRI is a prominent leader in the field of cardiovascular research, aiming to address areas of unmet need in prevention and treatments.

Today's research is tomorrow's cure.

Every donation to HRI is an investment into the lives of millions. Help make a lasting difference by donating today.